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Boost: Win With Data and Artificial Intelligence

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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, success is no longer solely driven by intuition and industry experience. The imperative of our time calls for a data-driven approach, compelling companies to harness the power of big data from diverse sources. The seamless integration of business intelligence tools and artificial intelligence propels organizations into a transformative journey that transcends traditional decision-making.

At Boost (, an invitation awaits companies eager to unlock the full spectrum of possibilities presented by business intelligence and the strategic impact of artificial intelligence. Offering ‘ready-to-use’ business intelligence and data analytics solutions,

Born from the idea that companies armed with extensive datasets require in-depth analysis, Boost emerged as a solution dedicated to unraveling the insights within big data. This fundamental concept underscores Boost’s commitment to providing comprehensive analytical tools, ensuring that businesses can navigate and leverage the complexities of their data landscape.

What is the need?

Within the domain of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, data analysis revolves around the utilization of Excel. However, this approach proves to be disadvantageous when compared to the comprehensive reporting offered by ‘Business Intelligence’ tools. One notable drawback is the requirement for trained employees, necessitating a skilled workforce to navigate the intricacies of data interpretation. Moreover, the reliance on Excel proves labor-intensive and error-prone, particularly when undertaking detailed analyses. This inherent inefficiency prompts FMCG companies to explore advanced solutions like Boost’s Business Intelligence tools, offering not only streamlined processes but also mitigating the challenges associated with workforce demands and data accuracy.

When Business Intelligence tools are concerned, companies face the challenge of substantial investments and the necessity for a skilled workforce to reap the benefits. Navigating the landscape of Business Intelligence involves many considerations, ranging from selecting the most fitting tool for the organization’s unique needs to grappling with license costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. Additionally, companies must factor in improvement costs, adding another layer of complexity to their data strategy. The intricate decision-making process can be daunting for businesses seeking to harness the power of data-driven insights.

Recognizing these challenges, Boost steps forward as a guiding force, simplifying the decision-making journey for companies by providing not only cost-effective solutions but also a streamlined approach to the complex realm of Business Intelligence tools.

Boost is not only a Business Intelligence Solution. We are addressing the problem of data integration from various sources within your company. For companies who want to maintain their competitiveness, managing the intense data volume and diversity today is a big challenge. It is further compounded by other variables such as location, data rate, and structure.

Boost helps you spend less time managing data for your organization and more time creating value. It enables you to adapt quickly, add intelligent layers to applications, generate insights based on predictions, and manage all your data wherever it may be.

How does Boost help companies?

In contrast to traditional data analysis methods’ labor-intensive and error-prone nature, Boost presents a revolutionary alternative. Specializing in ‘ready-to-use’ business intelligence and data analytics solutions, Boost primarily caters to sales-related needs, providing tailored solutions for diverse requirements. The versatility of Boost’s offerings extends beyond a singular focus, addressing various needs across divergent functions. Some of these ‘ready-to-use’ solutions are ‘Boost B2B’ for the key accounts channel, ‘Boost Distribution’ for the distributors channel, and ‘Boost ERP’ for the entire sales department.

Boost’s approach to delivering solutions is marked by efficiency and speed, presenting companies with a turn-key solution that is ready for use in a remarkably brief time. The pre-packaged solution, while instantly accessible, is designed to meet the substantial needs of companies. Recognizing the unique requirements of each business, Boost goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. It not only provides an immediate solution but also accommodates customization requests post-implementation. This commitment to adaptability ensures that companies not only benefit from a swift deployment but also receive tailored solutions that align seamlessly with their specific demands and objectives.

Boost distinguishes itself by providing customers with interactive, swift, and online business intelligence reports, fostering a detailed analytical experience. The platform ensures a tailored approach, allowing reports to be filtered based on the specific task scope of each employee, with customizable features catering to individual needs. Going beyond static reporting, Boost offers dynamic solutions by setting up systems that notify relevant personnel and deliver summarized analyses in various scenarios. Notably, Boost’s capabilities extend to forecasting studies, where reports are crafted to explore and analyze multiple scenarios, providing businesses with invaluable insights for strategic planning and decision-making.

Moreover, Boost’s critical data integration services form the foundation of your data and analytics ecosystem. These services work together to unify data, preparing it for analysis in a central and secure environment. A management layer maps out the landscape of your data environment and provides a better end-to-end view by tracking data integration process lines.
Get rid of old data with a system that runs reliable data processing pipelines and is always up-to-date. This way, you can ensure that you are working with the most current insights and that your entire organization is operating with the latest version.

Mete Adıyaman, the Co-founder underscored that the team is dedicated to meeting customer expectations and actively addressing their additional requests. This customer-centric approach not only drives the continuous development of Boost’s solutions but also catalyzes uncovering emerging needs in the market. Simultaneously, Adıyaman highlighted the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the business intelligence world, ensuring that Boost’s products evolve in tandem with the latest advancements in the industry.

What are the next steps for Boost?

Mete Adıyaman indicated that it has been almost one year since Boost was launched, further elaborating on Boost’s current reach. He revealed that over 10 companies and 120 users currently have access to Boost’s comprehensive reports. Looking ahead to 2024, Adıyaman outlined ambitious plans for expansion, expressing the company’s intent to not only target international markets but also to diversify its presence into new industries, particularly setting sights on the dynamic landscape of the retail industry. As part of this growth strategy, Adıyaman emphasized the importance of focusing efforts on transforming Boost’s solutions into scalable offerings, ensuring adaptability and efficiency as the company continues to evolve and extend its impact in the business intelligence sector.

Satisfied Customer Story: Nustil ‘Nutrition Style’

Nustil, which has been serving in the field of special nutrition products since 2009, continues to carry out analyzes with the importance to the health of its consumers since its establishment. Nustil increases its product portfolio day by day by cooperating with many companies that are world-renowned and experts in the special nutrition category, and further reinforces its expertise by bringing the prestige of the brands it represents to Turkey and adding new stakeholders to its structure by adopting continuous change as a principle.

Nustil, with a primary goal of enhancing the distribution rates of its products within the stores of its retail customers, has opted for the ‘Boost B2B’ solution to address this objective.

Ismail Erzincanlı, Co-Founder and General Manager of Nustil, reflects on the service provided by Boost, stating:

“Our products cater to a consumer base that prioritizes quality nutrition. Consequently, expanding the availability of our products in the stores of our retail customers is crucial. To achieve this, we recognized the need for standard, continuous, and effective follow-up.

Upon being introduced to the ‘Boost B2B’ solution, we immediately grasped its potential to significantly contribute to our business. Boost delivered detailed and interactive reports to us in a remarkably brief time. We had a specific request to consolidate interrelated data in one dashboard, and that request was swiftly fulfilled.

Our team has been using the ‘Boost B2B’ solution with satisfaction for over three months now. Already, we have seen a notable increase in availability ranging between 5% and 10% for our highest-selling products.

The most significant advantage Boost has brought to us is the rapid and customized contribution to our business needs. I am confident that our collaboration with Boost will continue to grow steadily as we explore their other solutions.”

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Avşar Maden Suları, Gulfood Fuarı’na katıldı



Türkiye’de maden suyu sektörünün önemli markaları arasında yer alan Avşar Maden Suları, son yıllarda ihracat alanında da önemli atılımlar gerçekleştiriyor. Dubai Dünya Ticaret Merkezi’nde 19-23 Şubat 2024 tarihlerinde düzenlenen Gulfood Fuarı’na katılan Avşar Maden Suları, yenilikçi ürünlerini daha fazla pazarda tüketicilerle buluşturacak iş birliklerine imza atmayı hedefliyor.

Avşar Maden Suları, büyüklüğü ve stratejik önemi ile öne çıkan Gulfood Fuarı’nda; farklı ülkelerden potansiyel paydaşlarla, yeni anlaşmalar başlatacak görüşmeler yapıyor.

Yüzlerce ülkeden, binlerce uluslararası firmanın katılım sağladığı Gulfood Fuarı, global gıda sektörüne yön veriyor. Katılımcılara yeni ürünleri keşfetme ve önemli sektör oyuncularıyla bağlantı kurma fırsatı sunan fuar, geleceği şekillendiren trendleri de gözler önüne seriyor.

19-23 Şubat 2024 tarihleri arasında, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri’nin Dubai kentinde gerçekleştirilen Gulfood Uluslararası Gıda Fuarı’na ilgi büyüktü.

Firma yöneticisi Mehmet Başpınar, “Dünyanın en büyük gıda fuarlarından biri olan Gulfood, 120 ülkeden 5000’den fazla stand katılımcısıyla tüm dünyayı gıda konusunda tek merkezde toplamakta; üretiminden dağıtımına, işlemesinden sunumuna kadar yiyecek ve içecek endüstrisinde önemli bir yere sahip” dedi.

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Pizza Hut’tan özel lezzetler



Pizza Hut, her damak zevkine uygun 18 çeşit pizzası ve eşlikçi yan lezzetleriyle Dünya Pizza Günü’nü kutladı. Pizza Hut, Dünya Pizza Günü’ne özel, 9-11 Şubat tarihleri arasında hem restoranlarda hem gel-al’da geçerli olan kampanyasıyla tüm büyük boy pizza çeşitlerini yüzde 50 indirimle sevenleri ile buluşturdu.

Pizza Hut, yeni taban soslarıyla daha yoğun lezzet sunarken enfes baharatlı pizza sosu, özel üretilen mozarella peyniri; ince, pan ve normal hamur seçenekleriyle damakları şımartıyor. Nefis pizzalarının yanı sıra birbirinden güzel yan ürünler sunan Pizza Hut’ın özel tariflerle hazırlanan pizza menülerini eşlikçi lezzetleri tamamlıyor.

Pizzaların yanı sıra tercihe göre farklı lezzetler de sunan Pizza Hut, birbirinden güzel sosları ve bol mozerella peynirinin tadına doyulmaz uyumuyla kendine hayran bırakıyor. Lezzet konusunda susamlı peynirli kenarları ile sınırları zorlayan Pizza Hut, mucidi olduğu çıtır, doyurucu ve kabarık pan hamuruyla özel hazırlanan Çokomania, Bombe ve Sufle tatlılarıyla benzersiz bir deneyim yaşatıyor.

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SuperFresh, sürdürülebilir büyümeye devam ediyor



Kerevitaş, Ev Dışı Tüketim (EDT) sektörünün en önemli uluslararası organizasyonlarından ANFAŞ 30. Uluslararası Gıda ve İçecek İhtisas Fuarı’na katıldı. 70’in üzerinde ülkeden 50 binden fazla gastronomi profesyonelini buluşturan fuar, 6-9 Şubat tarihleri arasında Antalya’da gerçekleşti. EDT kanalında patates, sebze, meyve, donuk unlu mamuller, pizza, ton balığı ve konserve kategorilerinde geniş ürün çeşitliliğine sahip olan Kerevitaş, ANFAŞ’ta SuperFresh markasıyla yer aldı.

Ülkemizde ve bölgemizde EDT pazarının her geçen gün daha da büyüdüğünü ve çeşitlendiğini belirten Kerevitaş CEO’su Mert Altınkılınç, şunları ifade etti. “Pazarın hareketliliğini çok yakından takip ediyor ve inovasyonu odağımıza alarak sürdürülebilir büyümeyi hedefliyoruz. Faaliyet gösterdiğimiz tüm alanlarda stratejik kanal-kategori bakış açımız doğrultusunda farklı ihtiyaçlara cevap veren ürün portföyümüzü her geçen gün geliştiriyor, inovatif ürünlerimizi müşterilerimiz ile buluşturuyoruz. EDT kanalında 2023’te dondurulmuş unlu mamuller alanında lider Donuk Fırıncılık şirketini bünyemize katarak bu kanaldaki gücümüzü daha da perçinledik. Bu yıl SuperFresh markamızla katıldığımız fuarı, sektör paydaşlarımızla ortak bir sinerji oluşturmak adına önemli bir fırsat olarak görüyoruz.”

Dondurulmuş gıdanın, lezzetli ürünleri tüketiciyle buluşturmanın yanı sıra gıda israfının önlenmesi ve sürdürebilir tarım için önemli olduğunu belirten Kerevitaş CMO’su Gülizar Öcal Doğan sözlerine şöyle devam etti: “Ürünlerimizin tarladan başlayan ve sıfır gıda kaybı ile sofralara ulaşan yolculuğuna dair tüm ayrıntıları bu defa da ünlü şeflerimize anlattık. Hasat süreci, sözleşmeli tarım modeli, üretimde teknoloji kullanımı her aşama çok değerli. Marka olarak yaptığımız öncü çalışmalar, ev dışı tüketim noktaları ile katma değerli iş birliklerimiz ve yeni lezzetlerimiz ünlü şeflerden tam not aldı. Sürdürülebilir tarım adına Tarım ve Orman Bakanlığı ile başlattığımız Tarımın Kadın Yıldızları projemiz ile bu alanda kadın istihdamının önemine de vurgu yapmaktan mutluluk duyduk” dedi.

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